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For Parents

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Home Learning for This Week 22/06/20:

Painting on Ice!

Ice cubes are a fun alternative surface to paint on! Offer ice cubes in a large tray with some ready mixed paint and some paintbrushes.Children will love watching the colours run and mix together as the ice cube melts.

This is a great activity for our current weather!Please feel free to upload any pictures of activities you have been doing via our Facebook Inbox Page, this will allow our nursery children to see what their friends have been up too and we can pop them on the newsletter! 😊Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe.

Colour Mixing Poster Information - View Here

Hednesford Nursery School Mark Making Pattern Cards and Ideas


Mark Making Pattern Cards Download - View Here

It could be a simple dot or a line across a paper, all of this contributes to mark making and fundamentally is the basis of developing the writing skill. Add some flour to a tub and use the mark making examples attached as a guide, encourage your child to mark make in the flour and allow them to enjoy this sensory experience.

Home Learning for This Week 15/06/20:

Giraffe's Can't Dance Suggested Learning Plan - View Here
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Down In The Jungle Poem - View  Here
Down In the Jungle Colouring Sheets - View Here
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Can You Draw a Jungle Animal Activity - View Here 

A Fine Motor Skills Activity:

Learning News & Ideas from last week (08/06/20)

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Happy/Angry Colouring Sheet - View Here

Additional links to videos regarding feelings and emotions:

EYFS Feeling Better with Dr Moghil: A series of videos explaining emotions: 

EYFS Feelings and Emotions:

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Personal, Social and Emotional  Development (PSED) Activities - View Here

Please see Miss Jones You Tube clip below and an explanatory presentation on phonics, segmenting and blending - View Here


Learning from Home:  Kidslingo - View Here

On-Line Learning from Home - View Here

 Children's Mental Health Story: Lucy's In Lockdown - View here