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For Parents

Hednesford Nursery

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Hednesford Nursery School Curriculum            


 Topics to link across the age groups with progression

Rabbits (2 Year olds)

Topic title taken from a rhyme

Squirrels (3 year olds)

Topic title a theme linked to the rhyme

Hedgehogs (4 year olds)

Topic title a cornerstones linked to the rhyme and themes from previous year groups

 Autumn 1


Five dinosaurs


Do dragons exist?

 Autumn 2


Fun with Festival Food

Food & Festivals

Why can’t I have chocolate for breakfast?

 Spring 1


Miss Polly has a dolly

People who help us

Why do you love me so much?

 Spring 2


 Incy Wincy Spider

 Mini beasts

 Can I explore it?

 Summer 1


 A sailor went to sea

 Water, water everywhere!

 Why is water wet?

 Summer 2


 Old Macdonald


 Can I have a dog?