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 New for this Week  22/06/20:

Nursery News for Last Weeks Learning: Dear Zoo and Superworm!

In red group, we had so much fun this week, we read the story Dear Zoo, made animal print collages, made our own zoo using duplo and even joined in with' guess what's in the parcel'.

We even followed instructions to control the beebot!In yellow group, we read the story 'Superworm'. We had lots of fun making bird feeders, sorting the worms into sizes,making our own worm paintings and even going on a hunt for worms!


This week in red group we are reading 'Dear Zoo' and in yellow group we are reading 'Superworm'.

Take a look at all the wonderful activities! 


Yellow group have been learning all about mini beasts and last week we looked at ladybirds. We read the story ` The Bad Tempered Ladybird'. 
The children were busy recognising numerals and adding the correct amount of spots, they were moving around like ladybirds to music and built ladybird homes using the wooden blocks. Lots of fun learning.
Wonder what we will learn this week?


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This week we have been very busy creating our wonderful display of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.
We have used a variety of hole punches and presses to make holes in the leaves.
We have continued a pattern to make our own caterpillars.
Look at how we have used a variety of media and materials to design our own individual work. 


 Our Beautiful Butterflies!

Mrs Street has sent you some photo's of our butterflies. I hope you have enjoyed watching them grow from tiny caterpillars to beautiful butterflies, today we are going to release them to find a new home.


Mrs Street has a very special video for you to watch:

Caterpillar Update 01/06/20 - Mrs Street has sent some lovely pictures all about our caterpillars:


 We have made a short video to explain new entrance and exit plans.


Take a look around red,yellow and blue group classrooms. We have been busy!

Mrs Street had a special delivery today.Mrs Street is very excited to share her news with all the parents and children at Hednesford Nursery School.Please see below:

Please click on the downloadable pdfs below:

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